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Feast of St. Drogo

Feast of St. Drogo, penitential pilgrim, anchorite and orphan. Patron of coffee house owners, broken bones, cattle, deafness, hernias, insanity, unattractive people, bodily ills, gallstones, illness, midwives, mute people, mutes, orphans, ruptures, sheep, shepherds and sickness.

Feast of St. Hunna

Feast of St. Hunna, “the Holy Washerwoman”, noblewoman, daughter of a duke, married to Huno of Hunnawetyer.  She was devoted to the poor of Strasbourg, France. Mother of St. Deodatus of Lagny.  Patron of laundresses, laundry workers, washerwomen.

Feast of St. Hermengild

Feast of St. Hermengild, son of king Leovigild of Visigothic Spain. He married Ingund, a Chalcedonian Christian, in 579. Called a” Catholic martyr rebelling against the tyranny of an Arian father” in Pope Gregory I’s Dialogues.  Patron of Seville, Spain.

Feast of St. Zeno of Verona

Feast of St. Zeno of Verona, Bishop and Martyr. A native of Mauretania (modern Morocco and Algeria), Zeno was a monk elected successor to Bishop Gricinus of Verona. He is the patron saint of fishermen, the city of Verona, newborn babies as well as children learning to speak and walk.

Feast of St. Michael de Sanctis

Feast of St. Michael de Sanctis, Discalced Trinitarian priest from Vic, Catalonia, Spain. Twice elected superior of the monastery at Valladolid.  The municipality of Saint-Michel-des-Saints, Quebec, Canada, is named in his honor. Patron of cancer patients and Vic, Spain.

Feast of St. Waldetrudis

Feast of St. Waldetrudis, foundress, daughter of Sts. Walbert and Bertilia, Married to Madelgaire, Count of Hainault, mother of Sts. Landericus, Madalberta, Adeltrudis and Dentelin. Founded the convent of Sainte-Waudru. The city of Mons grew around it. Patron of Mons, Belgium