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Feast of St. Matthias

Feast of St. Matthias, the apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot following Judas’ betrayal of Jesus.  Patron of alcoholics, carpenters, tailors, Gary Indiana, Great Falls-Billings Montana, smallpox, hope and perseverance.

Feast of St. Gangulphus of Burgundy

Feast of St. Gangulphus of Burgundy, Martyr hermit. A landowner who renounced his wealth & become a hermit. Patron of husbands unhappily married, shoemakers, children, horses, invoked against knee pains, sicknesses affecting the eyes & skin and against marital difficulties.

Feast of St. Cataldus

Feast of St. Cataldus, Archbishop. Irish monk in Lismore, County Waterford. Shipwrecked at Taranto while returning from the Holy Land. Elected Bishop, elevated to Archbishop. Patron of the Sicilian Normans & Taranto, Italy.  Invoked for protection from plagues, droughts & storms.