Feast of St. John Bosco

Feast of St. John Bosco, Italian priest, educator & writer, worked for the betterment of street children & juvenile delinquents. Founder, Salesians of Don Bosco, Patron of Christian apprentices, editors, publishers, schoolchildren, young people, magicians, juvenile delinquents.

Feast of St. Aldegunais

Feast of St. Aldegunais, Frankish Virgin, Founder and Abbess, member, Merovingian royal family, daughter of St. Walbert, Count of Guînes and St. Bertila de Mareuil.  Founded Maubeuge Abbey.  Died of breast cancer in 684. Patron of breast cancer and wounds.

Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, Italian Dominican priest, Doctor of the Church, philosopher, theologian, jurist, the father of Thomism.  Patron of Academics, book sellers, Catholic academies, schools, universities, chastity, learning, pencil makers, publishers and students.

Feast of St. Paula of Rome

Feast of St. Paula of Rome, married Toxotius, had 5 children, Blaesilla, Paulina, Eustochium, Toxotius, and Rufina. Widowed, built a hospice, monastery, and a convent with St. Jerome in the Holy Land.  Patron of widows, Order of St. Jerome, monks and nuns