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Feast of St. Francis Xavier

Feast of St. Francis Xavier, Jesuit missionary, co-founder, the Society of Jesus. Patron of African missions, Apostleship of Prayer, Fathers of the Precious Blood, Green Bay, WI, Missioners of the Precious Blood, navigators, parish missions, Goa and the Propagation of the Faith.

Feast of St. Eligius

Feast of St. Eligius,  Bishop. Patron of metalworkers, goldsmiths, coin collectors, horses, jewelers, knife makers, laborers, locksmiths, miners, minters, tool makers, veterinarians. St. Eligius Hospital featured in 80’s television series St. Elsewhere.

Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle

Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, martyr, fisherman, disciple, older brother of Simon Peter.  Patron of fishermen, Russia, Scotland, Ukraine, Sicily, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, textile workers, singers, miners, pregnant women, butchers, farm workers, protection against sore throats.

Feast of St. Francis Fasani

Feast of St. Francis Fasani, Franciscan mystic, friar of the Order of Conventual Friars Minor, Master of novices, guardian of the community of friars, pastor of the town.  He was elected Minister Provincial of his province in the Order. Canonized in 1986. Patron of Lucera, Italy.

Feast of St. Vergil of Salzburg

Feast of St. Vergil of Salzburg, Irish churchman, Benedictine bishop and astronomer, abbot of Aghaboe, bishop of Ossory and abbot of St. Peter at Salzburg and bishop of Salzburg about 765. He was called “the Apostle to the Slovenes” and “the geometer”. Canonized in 1233.

Feast of St. Cianan

Feast of St. Cianan (Kenan), Bishop of Duleek, Ireland. A hostage given to King Leogair, studied at the monastery of St. Martin in Tours. He converted great numbers to Christianity in Connaught & Leinster & built the first stone cathedral at Danberg, (Duleek), Meath, Ireland.